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How to bypass the Queue-It system to get express access to a website (e.g. Singapore Malaysia VTL Bus Booking)

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  1. Sofia says:

    Hi just wanted to ask if you know how to make queueclient.min.js appear on the lists? I was trying to buy tickets and tried this method and it did work. However queueclient.min.js only appeared one time and I was not able to try this again on my other devices.

    1. Zhi Cheng says:

      You will need to refresh the page and make sure that you have “Preserve Log” checked.

  2. Trica says:

    Same problem for me.. it only appeared once.. I tried to reload but it did not appear again.

  3. Paul Furlong says:

    This is an incredible help thankyou. Do you need to open an incognito window or run a VPN at all? Or can this all be done through your provider?

    Also am I able to set this up if the website currently doesn’t have a queue? For example no tickets are currently on sale.

    Thankyou for your help and work.

  4. Jake says:

    Hi I tried doing this but it didn’t work. Any other methods or updated methods. Maybe on safari ?

  5. Krzysztof says:

    Does it work for others queue systems ? Do you know how to skip system, ?

  6. Krzysztof says:

    Does it work for others queue systems ? Do you know how to skip queue in ?

  7. Nel says:

    Hi, I think this hack needs to be updated. I tried it to buy a concert ticket and I was able to load bypass queue-it, but the form (where the seat options are listed) is missing. It used to work for the particular website. Not sure why it’s not working now.

  8. Luke Martin says:

    Hi @Zhi Cheng, is this method still correct for queue-it websites? Or have they plugged your method?


  9. Peder says:

    this hack does not work anymore

  10. row row says:

    does this work only once? can we try this while using incognito?

  11. sky987 says:

    queue-it has already updated their system and this doesn’t work anymore. Do you have an updated guide on how to bypass it?

  12. TNKD says:

    does this have a new bypass?

  13. cbp says:

    I’m looking for a new way!

  14. jh says:

    do we have a new method?

  15. bluebubbles says:

    hi! do you have a bypass process if the queue system is already incorporated in the site? Like the actual site won’t load anymore, instead it will redirect to the queue?

  16. beepbop says:

    It’s doesn’t work anymore 🙁

  17. a says:

    queue client min.js doesn’t show up anymore even if I check preserve log, looked for other things with “”, blocked that but still nothing happened. I guess this has to be updated for it to work

  18. Trica says:

    it doesnt work anymore 🙁 do you have other way?

  19. hmm says:

    any update on 22/6/2023?

  20. Debizel says:

    Ware bereit für eine Lösung zu zahlen, wer kann unterstützen?

  21. fea says:

    Worked fine this morning for the Canadian GP

  22. EKA says:

    Still working in Mexico to buy some Luis Miguel tickets.

  23. Zaer says:

    Worked today for the Ghibli museum, thanks !

  24. Shimon says:

    There is a new solution that no longer works Queue it

  25. Shimon says:

    Can someone help me queue it how to skip the queue?

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