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Review of the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X and 3100 – Best CPU you can get under S$200?

The first AMD CPUs that are based on the Zen 2 architecture were first released in July 2019. These are the third iteration of the popular Ryzen CPUs. However, instead releasing a full lineup, AMD only announced the Ryzen 5…

Review of the AMD Ryzen 3 – Is it better than the Intel Core i3?

  AMD has just launched their new entry level Ryzen 3 processors to fill in the gap within their entire product lineup. The two new offerings that will be available are the Ryzen 3 1300X and the Ryzen 3 1200.…

AMD Completes Ryzen Mainstream Desktop Lineup with the Release of Ryzen 3 processors

AMD Completes Ryzen Mainstream Desktop Lineup with the Release of Ryzen 3 processors — New Ryzen 3 CPUs Deliver Exceptional Responsiveness and Performance at Mainstream Pricing — Singapore — July 27, 2017 — Building off a momentous introduction of the AMD “Zen” core architecture named “Best…

AMD announces specs for Ryzen 3. Available from July 27

AMD has just released news on the specifications and availability of the upcoming Ryzen 3 desktop CPUs. The Ryzen 3 is a 4-core, 4-thread Zen-based processor. At launch, these CPUs will come in two variant. The Ryzen 3 1300X will…

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