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Review of the AMD Ryzen 3 – Is it better than the Intel Core i3?

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  1. Jason Wylde says:

    The results are so very incorrect. It more increasing appears as though Intel financially sponsor the The Tech Revolutionist to promote their products, how else could this conclusion be formed?

    It’s simply ludicrous the thought of you expecting your readers to believe the Intel i3 6100 2 core 4 thread CPU came out that far on top, even at all on top, of the overclocked Ryzen3 1300X 4 core 4 thread CPU.

    They are both built on 14nm die but that’s it. The i3 closk speed is 3700MHz while the 1300X is 3950MHz, the 1300X has nearly three times as much cache as the i3 and the 1300X has 4 physical cores, double that of the i3 with two, and people are supposed to swallow that???

    Also, I have a time machine and went forward in time to 2020 to write the review.
    The i3 6100 is way behind the 1300X in every way. Every single 2 core 4 thread Intel i3 loses to every AMD Ryzen 3 CPU, it’s a blatent lie to say otherwise!

    You’re welcome ✌

    1. Zhi Cheng says:

      In cinebench, it’s apparent that the 1300X is faster than the i3 6100. There is no doubt about that.

      It was only in the games that you can see that the i3 6100 was faster, probably because of higher IPC on the CPU that works well for games.

      This wouldn’t be the case for the current generation of Ryzen processors, as AMD has already improved Zen architecture. Ryzen 3rd Gen processors (Zen2) works really well with games too.

  2. Jason Wylde says:

    I should clarify that by using desktop PC’s as the examples,

    Every desktop 2 core 4 thread Intel i3 loses in every way to every desktop AMD Ryzen 3..


    1. Zhi Cheng says:

      That is not true. You will have to also compare the processor’s architecture as well.

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