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Gigabyte AERO 5 XE4 Notebook Review – Is a 4K AMOLED Panel good for work?

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  1. Francis says:

    How did you find the battery life unplugged for everyday use?

  2. M says:

    I would recommend against Gigabyte laptops. I spent nearly 3k on an Aero, had it for a year, screen went bad and had to get a replacement. I have it back and now the left fan is going and making grinding sounds after another few weeks.

    Gigabyte seems to skimp on the quality of critical components to push their big features. Since the screen is kind of a big feature and that also goes bad, well I think you’re better off buying elsewhere.

  3. Daniel says:

    Hi, your review makes no mention at all of a major issue with the Aero 5 range, the units cannot be charged via usb-c. This is a deal breaker as the included power supply is absolutely massive, far too large to haul around – with no power supply on the road you’ll be flat in about 2-3 hours. The many ways Gigabyte have danced around this in the specifications and features on their website is borderline false advertising. The way they dance around it with their tech support is dishonest by interchanging the words FROM and TO for power delivery. I wish reviewers would start to make this issue more known so potential buyers don’t feel so ripped off. This would have been my perfect ‘between office and home’ device using docks exclusively, now it is a stay-in-place desktop replacement where I could have got the same specs in a desktop form-factor with no thermal limiting and for a third of the price.

  4. Scott Groups says:

    This type of laptop is great — the difference IMO with the other AORUS is the display — which is a huge difference. Very high quality panel.

    I’ve had my XE4 for almost 10 months. No issues. And all the issues mentioned on this comment section, have occurred on all other brands for me over the past 20 years. It happens sometimes and not a “gigabyte” thing.

    The power supply is typical of a laptop like this — nothing odd at all. And I just carry it in a backpack with no problems. If someone wants all day portability they should get a MacBook Air or a 14″ laptop with a low power i3, or i5 processor – not a powerhouse like this.

    The SSD with my XE4 benchmarks over 7000 MB/s — a PCIe 4.0 high performance SSD. and there is another slot for a 2nd one. Awesome speed. Battery life is 2-3 hours.

  5. P says:

    I would NEVER recommend a Gigabyte laptop. I bought an AERO 5 (XE) and though it is sleek and powerful, the laptop suffers from screen issues (look up the replacement screen- it’s ~100-150 online, or 250 from the company… And on backorder, because they do not work). The screen on mine NEVER functioned properly. I finally sent it back to the company, was told that the damage was not covered by warranty (WTF?), and let me tell you gigabyte has the worst customer service in the world. Like, I am not one to complain. I’ll happily wait in a line at the DMV as they serve 1 customer an hour… I’ll wait at an airport in a foreign country for hours while they look at my VISA… Gigabyte customer service is worse than the service you get in prison. It’s worse than the service you get at a Macdonald’s full of drunk college students.

    Spend your money elsewhere. If you absolutely have to spend 2000 bucks, it would be better invested throwing wads of cash out of your window.

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