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ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED UX3402 Review – Entertainment Powerhouse and Serious Workhorse

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  1. Ak says:

    Great review. I bought the core-i7 model for $1308 in India. Looks great and is generally competent but becomes gets pretty warm easily. Also, feels a little slow for system having i7, 12th gen and 16gb ddr5.

    Stanegly, its thunderbolt port refuses to display to usb c monitor – Lenovo T-24h-20 through a usb c cable supplied with the monitor. I am able to display with three other usb c laptops – all non thunderbolt, with this cable. Only charging gets started with Asus. I have even tried a very expensive thunderbolt certified cable. Same result. However, if I use a C to HDMI adapter on this port, the display works, but this defeats the very purpose of C port.

    Asus India, incompetently, is unable to figure out the issue and has already replaced one notebook. Now Asus technical support are saying that their thunderbolt port is not compatible with non thunderbolt monitors but are not willing to send an email to same effect. I believe that that Asus cannot make such a blunder at hardware level – this should require a better driver only.

    Hope you can shed some light on the issue.

  2. vtsakiris says:

    Using a UX3402 i7 1260P with a Dell 32″ P3223DE through type C everything works without a glitch (as it should)

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