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NUHS adds supercomputing juice from NVIDIA to drive AI in healthcare sector

Our local National University Health System (NUHS) has announced to the public that they are ready to bring out 2023’s tech big gun AKA generative AI into healthcare now. The initiative focuses on optimizing hospital resource allocation and providing tailored…

VNPAY Harnesses the Power of NVIDIA DGX A100 to Supercharge Fintech Innovations

VIETNAM—December 9, 2021—NVIDIA today announced that VNPAY has become the first fintech company in Southeast Asia to leverage the power of the NVIDIA DGX A100 system for all AI workloads. As a fintech leader in Vietnam, VNPAY is utilising the…

NUHS Builds AI Production Platform Using NVIDIA DGX A100 For Better Healthcare Predictions

SINGAPORE—November 30, 2021— NVIDIA today announced that National University Health System (NUHS) has built an AI production platform based on an NVIDIA DGX A100 system to become the first healthcare group in Singapore to have real-time streaming capabilities to deliver…

PT Telkom is First in Indonesia to Deploy NVIDIA DGX A100 Supercomputer

INDONESIA—January 22, 2021— NVIDIA today announced that PT Telkom is the first in Indonesia to deploy NVIDIA DGX A100 system for developing artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer vision and 5Gbased applications to support and advance its businesses. As a digital company,…

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