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  1. Not bad summary and review being done. Why final toss is not a good skill to use? I thought this skill was good though.

  2. jia wei says:

    Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Final toss is a good skill as it can toss the monsters up in the air at the same time when hitting it. However, some time back in a few occasions I saw that the skill was being abused instead. Some sabotagers were using that skill to cause other people to die deliberately. That's why I did not put the skill down in my review.

  3. Ohh now I get it. Thanks for the explanation. Which places would you recommend to train for an Aran after mc till level 50?

  4. jia wei says:

    Welcomed. 😀 After level 50, you can try to go to mysterious path three to train on selkie jr. and slimy. Then when you train till like around level 70, you can go to hibiscus road 1 to train on the two monsters there. Then when around level 90, you can go to entrance to spooky world aka esw to train. That map is one of the best training maps in maple because the spawn rate is high and you can use your fenrir phantom to multi-kill the monsters. Until around level 120, you can try to find a party to train at skelegon.

  5. Ohh I see. Haha! Mine has a long way to go to reach such a high level. Anyways, why some people do not like to play Aran even though it does quite a high damage?

  6. jia wei says:

    It is because playing Aran is not the same as playing other jobs. Playing Aran needs to keep on pressing the same key on the keyboard and not by just holding down one key then the skill can keep on be casted. This will eventually spoil the keyboard. Hope this can clarify your doubt. 🙂

  7. Yea my doubt is clarified. 🙂

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