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ASUS Republic of Gamers ROG Maximus XII Apex Hits 7.7 GHz on 10 Cores and Overclocks Memory to 6666 MHz

  • 7 GHz on 10 cores: Jon ‘Elmor’ Sandström and Pieter ‘Massmann’ Plaisier joined ASUS in an internal liquid-helium session to reach new milestone
  • DDR 4 hits 6666 MHz: Internal overclocker ‘bianbao’ used a G.Skill memory kit to set new world record for memory overclocking
  • New Intel® highs: Overclocker ‘safedisk’ took the Intel® 10th Gen platform to massive heights, breaking four world records and taking nine global first places
  • 3DMark records broken: Overall 3DMark06 world record taken by ‘rsannino’, while ‘Rauf’ smashed version 11’s single-GPU score

(Video Credits: ElmorLabs YouTube Channel)

Singapore, May 20, 2020 — ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced that overclockers have used the latest ROG Maximus XII Apex powerhouse motherboard to break a slew of world records and secure a raft of global first place scores.

Marking a new performance milestone, overclockers took the Intel® Core i9-10900K all the way up to 7.7 GHz frequencies on all 10 of its cores. Because of the ongoing global situation, ASUS was unable to host its traditional overclocking gathering this year, so instead a smaller session took place at the ASUS headquarters in Taiwan — with local overclockers Jon ‘Elmore’ Sandström and Pieter ‘Massman’ Plaisier working alongside internal ASUS experts. Using a liquid-helium setup, the group managed to shatter the Intel Core architecture frequency record, the single-core Geekbench 4 record, and took global first-place positions in 10-core categories for Geekbench 3, Cinebench R15, and wPrime 32M.

Throughout the testing period, ASUS also worked with pros both near and far who flexed their prowess in a variety of benchmarks. Overclocker ‘bianbao’ leveraged the combined power of G.Skill and Intel to hit a new DDR4-memory-overclocking-frequency record of 6666 MHz. Intel’s edge in gaming and graphical performance were shown off by both ‘rsannino’ and ‘Rauf’ who broke 3DMark records: ‘rsannino’ took the 3DMark06 overall world record, and ‘Rauf’ smashed the single-GPU score for version 11. Showing the breadth of the platform, ‘keeph8n’ raked in a few records including Geekbench 4, Cinebench 2003 and GPUPI 3.2 100M. By far, the most accolades went to ‘safedisk’: four world records and seven global first place scores, including Cinebench R15, both HWBot x265 benchmarks, both wPrime scores, and both Super Pi records.

All of the records are recorded for reference below.

Overclocker Category* Score**
elmor Intel Core CPU frequency 7707 MHz
bianbao Memory frequency 3332.7 MHz
safedisk Geekbench3 – Multi Core 69936 pts
safedisk Geekbench4 – Single Core 10257 pts
safedisk Cinebench R15 3892 pts
safedisk HWBot x265 Benchmark – 1080p 131.513 fps
safedisk HWBot x265 Benchmark – 4K 31.594 fps
safedisk wPrime – 32m 1.171 sec
safedisk wPrime – 1024m 35.625 sec
safedisk PiFast 8.370 sec
safedisk SuperPi – 1M 4.734 sec
safedisk SuperPi – 32M 4 min 1.766 sec
safedisk GPUPI for CPU – 1B 1m 25.089 sec
rsannino 3DMark06 77469 pts ***
Rauf 3DMark11 57807 pts
keeph8n Geekbench4 – Multi Core 61364 pts ***
keeph8n Cinebench – 2003 12051 pts
keeph8n GPUPI for CPU – 100M 4.316 sec ***

* Unless otherwise noted, all records are in the 10-core class of their category.

** Scores were tracked at 2020-05-20 15:00 GMT.

*** Score submitted internally at time of writing, but not yet published to HWBot.

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