Review of the ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 Laptop

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  1. Aki says:

    Can you please suggest which RAM should i use for upgrade?
    Single channel or double channel? Also, any suggestions on the RAM product (amazon link maybe?)
    Thank you.!!

    1. Zhi Cheng says:

      single channel = 1 ram module
      dual channel = 2 ram module of the same/similar specs

      For better gaming performance, I recommend dual channel configuration

      Crucial 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4 2666 are one of the cheapest you can find now on amazon.

  2. Aris says:

    Hi, DO you received any report regarding the WIFI issue with FX504? I just got mine a few weeks ago and I notice that my browsing is slow. I tried checking the net speed using speednet test online and I am getting only 1mbps download whereas with the same net connection using other laptop, I am getting a 300mbps average even on my cellphone, I am getting 300mbps average.

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