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APC Easy UPS BVX700LUI-MS Review – Do you need a UPS?

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  1. Henry says:

    I bought this model of UPS six month ago. I was surprised to find its battery is not replaceable, and the life span is rated about 3-5 years, that mean I will have to throw my UPS unit to dumpster every 3-5 years — that is not environment friendly at all.
    The original unit I bought had overheating issue and I just got it replaced by APC, with a new unit. When I got this new unit today, I took some measurement of the power consumption on the unit itself. I was surprised that it consume about 13W of electricity after connected UPS to 240V all socket for more than 18 hours without any load on it. I think it is too much as the baseline of using this UPS unit and efficiency does not seem good.

    It worries me if it consume so much power without active cooling in this unit. Does anyone know kind of low efficiency is due to the design of this type of UPS or manufacturing quality issue?

  2. Cirnan Ordas says:

    Asking if only Modem will be use how many hours?
    Hoping for immediate response thank you.

    1. Zhi Cheng says:

      depends on your the power consumption rate of your modem. A typical modem (only) should last longer than 30min

  3. Ng Choon Yong says:

    should i set SNMP or USB UPS for this UPS to power my Synology NAS?

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