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NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit – Introduction and Unboxing

The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX is a brand new developer kit for developers to deploy their AI applications. Powered by the latest NVIDIA Volta Architecture, this single board computer is equipped with 384 NVIDIA CUDA Cores and 48 Tensor cores for accelerated AI processing.

In this video, we will take a closer look at the different hardware features of the new NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX developer kit.

Cloud-Native Computing to Edge Devices

The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX brings about new innovation to edge devices. It is the first time where Cloud-Native computing architectures can be deployed directly onto such Edge devices while having acceleration enabled. It changes the way AI development can be done shortening the time span from development to deployment.

In a separate article, we will learn more about what being Cloud-Native means, and how you can deploy cloud built applications down to Edge Devices, such as the Jetson Xavier NX easily.

Complete AI Platform

The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX is many times faster than its predecessors, such as the Jetson Nano and the Jetson TX2. Because of its improved GPU architecture, it is able to perform more operations per second at a lower power cost. This also keeps the Jetson Xavier NX small in footprint.

On of the key possible implementations of the Jetson Xavier NX is its capability to process multiple AI models at the same time. This allows multiple AI applications to be deployed on a single machine, reducing software complexity and costs.


Easy to Develop on

With many years of contributions from both NVIDIA and the development community, there are many resources available online, regardless of the type of AI application you want to build. NVIDIA has even included many example codes and guides to walk you through your first AI project.

To learn more, you can visit https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/community


Do look out for our upcoming articles on our experience with the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX developer kit.

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