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ROG Zephyrus M (GM501) – What’s the difference with GX501?

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  1. J says:

    been looking closely on this and placed my order for GM501 on amazon.
    frankly, looking at amazon reviews – both GX501 and GM501 might be quite a risky purchase with lots of complaints on quality (3/5 stars on amazon).

    some more considerations not mentioned above –

    LAYOUT – GX501 – new keyboard/ touchpad layout, where touchpad is on the right of keyboard, made slimmer to fit both in one row. this is hard to accept for me.

    NOISE – GM501 – is going to be louder, based on notebookcheck. GM501 uses ASUS's own self cleaning fan design, which is likely louder than GX501 that uses NVIDIA MaxQ. i had to sacrifice this, when choosing GM501 – hope i do not regret too badly.

    GPU – 1080 usually performs alot better than GTX1070. but MaxQ GTX1080 drastically reduce performance – it is likely better than GTX1070, but barely – making them very similar in GPU performance.

    GM501 has faster CPU, faster/ more RAM, more than double the storage (though not pure SSD), and lower price.

    when i consider myself buying laptops every few years.. GM501 becomes the obvious choice. but to each his own!

    good luck all.

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